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Alexandre first fell in love with photography in while traveling around São Paulo in Brazil in his youth. With a disposable camera in his bag, he started to record every corner of urban landscape  among this wonderfully strange, enormous city. His travels quickly became a school and a training camp. After a Phd in language science and a few years to teach in this field, he decide to turn professional his passion to photography. During years of research, he analyse the structure of the dramatization logged into the TV news. A meticulous theorisation  of  the language of emotions inside dramatic events lunch Alexandre far deep in the world of  pathos and dysphoria. that is the reason why the photographer chose to dedicate his life recording the silent aesthetic of our beautiful world. That is the reason why Alexandre doesn't take souvenir pictures but timeless and almost pure natural scenery instead.  In facts Alexandre is fascinated by the temporality  of photography, which is very brief in the act of shooting but strangely flexible once it observed. All his work is all about observation and following him, his sceneries try to be independents from our presence, even if sometimes some silhouettes, wrecks or structure witness our inevitable reliance. He is also passioned of Art, specially Land Art and Abstract paintings.
Alexandre travel across the world to record the natural wonders in constant motion and he represented by art galleries in Switzerland, Luxembourg Portugal and brazil. He already made several solo and group exhibition in diferents countries in Europe. he also won many international awards in the professional categories. (European photographer of the year, International Photo Awards, PX3 Paris, Spider black and white, ND awards, Monochrome awards,...) 

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